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Added: 1/27/2020
, please complete this interest form for wanting to lead a group. Once completed, be on the lookout in your email for your next steps.
Here are BridgePoint we have three different types of groups, please select which type of group you are interested in leading. Below are the descriptions of each group type:
Learning Groups: Gather weekly at one of our campuses with people who want to learn more about Jesus together. These groups start seasonally and meet weekly for 7-13 weeks to cover a topic of study related to the Bible.
Life Groups: We believe we're better together, so we gather in small groups to meet genuine friends, hang out, talk about God, and just do life together.
Journey Groups: It's important to have people in our lives who can walk with us as we walk with Jesus and help us to develop spiritually. Through accountability and commitment, we can help each other become all we were intended to be.


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