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Group Name:
Women: Diana Geegan and Sandy Sembler

Group Schedule:
Every 2 weeks: Mondays at 6:30 PM

Group Description:
Every other Monday at 6:30 PM this group of women meets to chat about how this devotional + applying God’s Word has helped us over the past 14-days. We communicate DAILY using The YouVersion Bible APP (free to everyone). Ladies are free to only use the YouVersion bible APP or to use use their own personal journal (to write down reflections) accompanied with their bible as they join us in our bi-weekly ZOOM discussion. Our desire is to create a warm and welcoming place to grow in faith, study scripture, and see how it impact our lives today moment by moment, we communicate and encourage each other through God’s word daily. We’d love for you to join! Click the ‘Sign Up’ button to get added to the group. Once you fill out the form, the leaders will get a copy of your contact information and you will receive a copy of the leader’s/leaders’ contact information.

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