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Group Name:
Women’s Journey Group

Group Schedule:
Weekly: Tuesdays at 8:45 AM

Group Description:
Our group has been in existence for a year and we have loved using the SOAPING method of bible study. We welcome new friends who desire to go a bit deeper in the Word. After completing the books of Mark, James, and Hebrews, we are scaling back a bit for the months of June and July. We will be reading a selection by Max Lucado and discussing how his words have touched us. We will continue to meet on Tuesday mornings at 9am. Through this challenging time, we conducted our weekly calls via Zoom conferencing and had a great time doing so. Zooming will continue to be an option as well as eventually getting together in person. Come join us! We would love to welcome you into our circle of deeper and meaningful relationship with Jesus and one another!!

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